• The ticket is calculated according to the number of people subject to the same booking.
  • NO INCREASE in price regardless of the date and time for both ways.
  • Any change to the flight or return must be reported to us as soon as possible via the phone number provided when booking is made.
  • As part of a collective shuttle, we reserve the right to change schedules after notifying customers in advance :
      1. For departure : Within the limits of an hour and a half maximum before the initial planned departure,
      2. At arrival : One hour and a half maximum waiting time after receipt of the luggage.
  • As part of a personalized shuttle, the vehicle will be reserved exclusively to the client (no waiting time).
  • We are not responsible for any items left in vehicles. Make sure you do not forget anything before you leave the vehicle.
  • Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to let us know by visiting our Contact page.